Manhattan Nights: Progress 2

I bought Cap guns, Foam-dart shooters, and loads and loads of new fiddly things for various purposes for Manhattan Nights. The current bin is filled to capacity, so I have bought a new one, meaning that this game will take up at least two bins.

To reiterate: I am making a ridiculous game.

And for the sake of it, another sample of the wonderful and insane artwork that will accompany this game.

If you’re wondering why it’s a Stockholm standoff, I am afraid that I will never be able to explain the reference to you.

Manhattan Nights: Progress

Here is a full picture of what my Book Box Gamers Summer Challenge game consists of so far:

Whatever you think you see in this picture is probably actually there.

On top of this, I am certain that I will require an additional bin. It’s gonna be a biggie, is what I’m saying. For the sake of it, here’s a preview of some of the wonderful artwork that will feature in Manhattan Nights:

Though the game is not intended as a Drinking game… it might be a good candidate.

The Book Box Gamers Summer Challenge

Yesterday the Book Box Gamers kicked off our first annual Summer challenge. For those who don’t know, the BBGs make board games based off of pulp-fiction book covers with self-sourced parts that must fit within a book box, as well as a tight time limit at different Conventions. The games are judged and various awards are dispensed. This time, however, we have a couple months, we get the book’s back cover as well, and there is no super-tight box limit.

There was no small amount of contention over who scored “Francis the Talking Mule”.

Seriously, some of these are ridiculous, whether in a helpful way, or… not. I was given “Manhattan Nights”:

It…it took me quite a bit of mental flexing to figure out how to make this game-y, but I have my game plan, and one of the many things it involves includes a pile of hats.

My brother Derek got a fortunately vague cover, “The Other One”:

We basically have free license to ignore the tag lines and writing on the covers, but can take inspiration from them. We get reeeeeal tangential with some of these.

So, yeah, I’m going to make a rockin’ game. It will be awe-inspiringly ridiculous.