Waste Your Time With This Right Now: Botanicula

Made by the increasingly awesome Amanita Games, Botanicula is a point and click adventure game that is almost painfully adorable. Kotaku said it best by stating that the only way to play Botanicula was to hold a puppy, and use the puppy’s paws to move your mouse.

There are nightmare-fuel spiders, but look at those guys! D’aaaaaw

The aesthetic of Botanicula would make Tim Burton jealous. The character that Amanita brings to the most abstract or insensate objects is amazing. The game itself isn’t too hard in the puzzle department (unlike their beautifully brain-crushing Machinarium), but instead focuses on exploring the gorgeous, colorful environments that the game consists of.

I have not the slightest idea what this is. Some sort of bat? I don’t know, but it’s endearing for reasons I cannot articulate.

The game has no actual dialog, merely pantomimes and imagery, and this does nothing but add to the already immense charm of the game. Everything in it is memorable, and ridiculous, and fun, and insane. Go get it on gog.com, Steam, or from the creators’ site.

This game is pure, unadulterated heart and magic of the funniest kind, and only a fool would pass it up. Seriously, watch this silly trailer and tell me you don’t want more.

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