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On this page, I will gather various resources, house-rules, and supplements for RPG systems that I have written or typed up.


Following the heroics of the superhuman Space Marines, semi-divine warrior-monks of the God Emperor, this game is frikkin’ hardcore. I am currently running a campaign. We’re about halfway through, but there’s still an open space at the end of the game table!

Deathwatch - srs bsns

Fluff Write-ups:

Origins of the Imperium (from Codex: Space Marines 5th Edition) -

The Warp and Psykers (mostly from the Deathwatch Corebook and Codex Daemons 5th Edition) -

Assorted House Rules for Deathwatch:

-Includes a less ridiculous Concussive Quality, Force Field activation, scaling Scything Talons and Rending Claws, and Storm Bolter variant rules.

Custom Wargear for Deathwatch:

-Contains Hive-Mind disrupting bolter shells, Flamers that work in space, a Force Axe and Force Spear, and Boarding Assault Shields (as on Forge World).

Rogue Trader

Following a group of profit-seeking, semi-legal privateers with a Warrant of Trade from the Emperor, Rogue Trader focuses on exploration and starship combat.

PTSD and Depression Rules:

As an alternative to the Lovecraftian Insanity rules. Developed as part of my ongoing Star Control 2 Rogue Trader Total Conversion, this provides less surreal rules for developing neurological issues. Could be handy if you want to run a slightly different kind of campaign, or just want to really jack with your players.

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