Here is where I will put links to any projects I work on that don’t fit on the other pages.

Host Version 0.11(For Doom 2 using Skulltag)


In Host, you are a small parasite. Using your alt-fire, you can kill and then inhabit the bodies of wandering creatures, and use these to fight your enemies. When your current body is too badly damaged, you will emerge, and must escape to another body as quickly as you can. Can use any old map set.

Doomvengers: Earth’s Weirdest Heroes Version 3.5 (For Doom 2 using GZDoom)


A project in which I jam together some wads that I like. Link to the full thread here.

An Untitled Story (New parts added as they are done)

This is a story I am writing. It takes place in Temple, Texas at some undisclosed time in the future, and involves surviving in the wake of disaster. I’ll be adding parts to this file as I write them.

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